FusioProjekt Sp. z o.o.

We are a multi-branch design office consisting of designers with many years of professional experience. Our designers have gained their experience working in leading design offices in Poland and abroad, designing many years for the largest chemical and petrochemical concerns such as: PKN Orlen, Synthos SA, PCC Rokita, Lotos, Siarkopol and many others.

Our design teams specialize in the following industries::

– construction,
– mechanical,
– piping /assembly,
– technological,
– electric,
– Control and Measurement Instruments and Automation.

Modern Designing:

Our teams of experienced designers, who combine their knowledge with the ability to use modern techniques and specialized programs, are capable of creating projects faster and more accurately, detecting possible threats in advance and preventing them at the design stage. As we work on a common cross-industry model in 3D, we ensure better work coordination within the entire project team. With the use of modern software, we create a complete 3D project together with the visualization of entire installations.

Areas of Activity:

We are well experienced in the areas of chemical, petrochemical, refining, food and energy industry.

We provide complete and comprehensive conceptual designs, cost estimates, construction and executive projects. Additionally, we offer the project architect’s supervision and technical consulting.

The areas of our activity also include technical expertise and all kinds of environmental analyses and soil surveys.

To learn more, visit the company’s website at http://www.fusio-projekt.pl